Parque Empresarial INBISA Alcala II
Calle Juan Huarte de San Juan, nro. 1 Edificio G-1
28806, Alcala de Henares (Madrid)

Teléfono: +34 918 831 157
Fax:  +34 918 824 799

Email: comercial@rnivel.com

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Our Activity

Our Activity

Materials and working methods currently used in construction, providing our customers with the changes that arise in their offices and work spaces, as its mode of installation allows to be made more quickly, avoiding as far as possible damage in the rhythm of the business customer.

Installation of new systems that allow ceramic products with a slight gesture of placing them and making us forget the pasta and annoying cements grip or the long waiting time in their dried, and all the inconvenience caused these issues, they go to other times, modern colors and patterns, current, together with the rapidity of their installation, are part of the wide range of products that today are known as modular and / or self-translated into generic materials easy assembly and disassembly, clean , robust and reusable thus allowing a quick and easy modification.

All devices used for the development of these reforms or create new accounts with guarantees of quality in manufacturing processes of the same, all the necessary raw materials are fully tested and regulated to meet the safety requirements and occupational health are required by law. The fire protection as well as sound-proof, the use of less polluting raw materials and many other factors, are guarantees that R Nivel Espacios de Trabajo SL brings to its customers, without neglecting those to their employees, provides everything Law on Safety and prevention of occupational risks, the perfect training for our operators, using tools properly approved, work aids, updating courses for the prevention of occupational risks and everything for the perfect complement of materials and labor workforce, the only guarantee for the development of a project.